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Your special events made more special.

Come to Hidden Grove for your special events at a nature-manicured orchard with the Solemnity Chapel, the Tranquility Pavilion, the Serenity Falls, rolling meadows, a beautiful air-conditioned private suite, a spacious pantry, flower gardens, fresh natural spaces, ample tree-shaded parking and an accessible stylishly-designed Hers & His restrooms. Specializing in one-stop, customized, all-inclusive designer event packages for up to 150 guests.

The Tranquility Pavilion

The Solemnity Chapel

The Serenity Falls

Under construction.

The Hidden Grove's Chapel, Pavilion & green panorama together with Rolling Hills resorts' diverse flora are freely offered as backgrop for pre-nup pictorials.

The Private Suite

Elegantly designed for all your preparation needs.

Guests-friendly inquiries & reservations office.

Clean & cozy venue for food tasting sessions.

Mobile bar (on a per-arrangement basis)

Secured tree-shaded ample parking

Complimentary amenities
   -  Sound system
     - Hidden Grove staff on Event Service
     - Guest pass for guaranteed guests

Ode To Joy

To God be the Glory!